√ Formal Education Information  – High School degree/GED or higher

  •  Name of institution
  •  Date of graduation
  •  Electronic copy of diploma to upload

√ 60 training hours specific to the attached IC&RC domains, including peer/family specialist specific trainings.

  • Name of training (s)
  • Name of organization providing the training (this will be your source)
  • Dates of training
  • Hours completed
  • Hours applied to each IC&RC domain
  • For each training you will need to upload the following:  Certificate of completion with name of training and dates attended, there are other methods of proving that you have attended a training if you don’t have the certificate

√ 500 hours of volunteer or paid work experience specific to the IC&RC domains over at least 6 months

  • Name of Organization (s) for each timeframe
  • Number of hours completed in each domain
  • These hours will be verified in the supervision section of the application

√ 25 hours of supervision specific to the domains

  • Name of Organization (s) for each timeframe – should correspond to work experience
  • Number of hours of group and /or hours of individual supervision completed for each domain
  • Name of supervisor, email, phone # for each timeframe , once you have entered an email address, an email will be sent to your supervisor to verify both your experience and supervision

√ Please provide a brief explanation of your Lived Experience, that has prepared you for you role as a Peer and Family Specialist, in the following manner:

  • Please describe in a general way your historical experience, without graphic or excessive explanation regarding the details of those experiences.
  • Please share what you do to manage your own personal recovery.
  • Please explain how you use your Lived Experience to assist others in your Peer role.
  • Please limit your Lived Experience narrative to 250 words or less.

√ Review and sign the Code of Ethics within the application system.  A copy of the Code of Ethics can be found here.


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