The Colorado Peer and Family Specialist (CPFS) certification is intended as a professional credential for individuals with “lived experience” in behavioral health.

“Lived experience” means:

  • The applicant has a personal history of drug or alcohol addiction and is engaged in recovery and/or
  • The applicant has a personal diagnosis (experience) of a mental health condition and is engaged in recovery, or
  • The applicant has personally provided care to a child, youth or adolescent with a drug or alcohol addiction or mental health condition
√ Recognition that peers are key for delivery of behavior health services
√ Ability for peers to achieve and maintain a professional credential
√ Opportunity for skill and career development
√ Ensures employed peers meet certain standards for experience and training
√ Potential implications for Medicaid
√ Ensures competency standards for the profession
√ Requires adherence to an ethical code

*Please note that any and all information submitted as a part of this application is confidential and will not be shared with anyone outside of the CPFS Certification Board.

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Individuals in the process of renewing their credential should contact for access to the Certemy system.